A place to host your characters

Are you an artist, writer, or fan looking for a place to store your original characters?

No more long, confusing links. No more unorganized text walls.
Pick whatever you want — as long as it's still free!

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No need to be "complete"

Don't want your OC to be public? Just set it to private.
No need for a bunch of writing. We support stub pages and art-based pages alike.

Customize it however you want

We have all sorts of interactive components and markdown. Try them out below!

Aside from the usual stuff, there's furigana and

for you to use.
You can insert pictures, tables, text formatting, and everything else markdown allows.

A look at some examples...

Ascension Gallery

Easily showcase alternate outfits of a character.

Expression Sheets

Ever wanted to click through those expression sheets you see?

VN Box

Play through some lines, just like a VN!

Click here!



And more!

Try them out

Plans for the Future

  • Master Pages
  • General OC Pages
  • HGW Pages
  • VN Maker
  • Game: Fate/Imaginary Library
  • Give your own feedback and suggestions in the Discord server!