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The name is the *only part* you are not allowed to edit later. It will *only* be used for the URL of your page (if set to public) and all references to the name will be done with whatever you filled in the True Name field, so prioritize something memorable and unique. For example, you could use `nobunaga` instead of `oda_nobunaga`.
This will be the name used for most purposes
You can use non-canon classes, but that may prevent your Servant from appearing in site searches.

Main Colour
Background Colour

Optional AttributesThese are all optional (you can always edit them in later)

It is recommended that you do height and weight in metric for the site searching functions.


AKA These are also used for searching.

Basic Description

Profile ImagesUse URLs for images. You can just drag it into Discord and copy that. Press the +s to add more images/expressions. This section can also support expression sheets.

Image/Outfit/Ascension 1

ExpressionsMake sure all the expressions are aligned. The easiest way to do this is just drawing them on top of the same file.

Sections You can put anything you want here. For example, character details, image galleries...